Fishing as a Sport

Today we are going delve into another fun hobby of mine outside of weight lifting and that is fishing! Thanks to my friends at, we have delved into the hard hitting question of whether fishing should be considered as a sport or a hobby. Certain individuals do not believe that fishing can serve as a form of sport mostly because it does not demand similar stamina like other sports, such as soccer, football, or any other athletic activities. However, significant skills and knowledge have been invested in the fishing art.

sport-fishing_01According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, sport is defined as a game or contest that people participate physically while following a number of rules to compete with each other. A sport is also a physical activity that people do for enjoyment purposes, such as fishing, hunting, swimming, and running.

The second definition classifies fishing as a form of sport. Fishing leagues and competitors exist, leading to a belief that fishing is indeed a form of sport. These competitive fishermen seek out the best trolling motor batteries the market can offer to win competitions.  Therefore, fishing can serve as a hobby and a sport since it can be carried out for competitive purposes, even though most people do it while searching for food or just having fun. Fishing can also be undertaken in a professional manner. For example, even though people have been engaging in fishing activities for a long time as well as passed their secrets and skills to emerging generations, fishing has also extended to pro fishing, which is featured in reality TV.

sport-fishing_03Bass fishing is also a form of fishing that entails catching few bass species in both fresh and marine water. Because of the existence of the bass fishing market, competitions have emerged, which have been televised to gain popularity. Even though many people do not watch the shows to gain knowledge of fishing in a competitive manner, they can search for information to boost their skill sets to allow them to gain better skills of fishing for fun activities.

Furthermore, many fishing enthusiasts who want to boost their fishing skills also compete to acquire further opportunities. They also want their fishing practices to catch the attention of television programs, fishing websites, or books. In the case of competitive fishermen, when they wish to transform their fishing practices into a form of sport, they usually embark on sampling rivers before deciding the form of fishing practice that would work for them and before mastering the techniques of becoming professionals.

Romanian Dead Lifts

Wide Stance Dumbbell Squats This exercise focuses on the hamstrings and the backside of the leg.  It is important to note that this exercise should not be performed if you are suffering from any lower back injuries as it places high amounts of stress on the lower back and legs.
  1. Start standing up, with feet shoulder width apart, slight bend in knees, and shoulders down and relaxed.  Hold the dumbbells/bar in front of you at waist level.
  2. Begin by bending at the waist while keeping your legs straight, allow arms to hang towards the ground as you lower your upper body towards the ground. While lowering the weights towards the ground inhale.
  3. Stop movement of the legs once your knees reach a 90 degree angle.
  4. After reaching the bottom position (point at which upper body is almost parallel to the ground) return to standing by exhaling, and pulling up with hamstrings while keeping the abdominals flexed.
Things to Keep in Mind
  • Keep your back straight and FLAT. If you find that your body position is changing in order to lift, try a lower weight.
  • Focus on using your hamstrings to return to standing position instead of your back or knees.
  • Control the weight on the way up as well as on the way down. This exercise strengthens many of your stabilizer muscles in your hamstrings and back. Control is a crucial part of this exercise.
Visual Aids
Muscles Works Gluteus Maximus (glutes), Hamstrings, Lower Back


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