Romanian Dead Lifts

Wide Stance Dumbbell Squats This exercise focuses on the hamstrings and the backside of the leg.  It is important to note that this exercise should not be performed if you are suffering from any lower back injuries as it places high amounts of stress on the lower back and legs.
  1. Start standing up, with feet shoulder width apart, slight bend in knees, and shoulders down and relaxed.  Hold the dumbbells/bar in front of you at waist level.
  2. Begin by bending at the waist while keeping your legs straight, allow arms to hang towards the ground as you lower your upper body towards the ground. While lowering the weights towards the ground inhale.
  3. Stop movement of the legs once your knees reach a 90 degree angle.
  4. After reaching the bottom position (point at which upper body is almost parallel to the ground) return to standing by exhaling, and pulling up with hamstrings while keeping the abdominals flexed.
Things to Keep in Mind
  • Keep your back straight and FLAT. If you find that your body position is changing in order to lift, try a lower weight.
  • Focus on using your hamstrings to return to standing position instead of your back or knees.
  • Control the weight on the way up as well as on the way down. This exercise strengthens many of your stabilizer muscles in your hamstrings and back. Control is a crucial part of this exercise.
Visual Aids
Muscles Works Gluteus Maximus (glutes), Hamstrings, Lower Back


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6 Musts For BaseBall Improvement

Every baseball player will look back on his career and wonder if could have lifted his game even higher. Here, are some tips that can help you lift your game to the next level.

1. Become a Baseball Fanatic. Read everything with the word baseball in it. Read as many books on baseball that you can. Watch as many games as you can.  Ask your coaches as many questions as you can. Become a student of the game.  Get better everyday by learning something new.

2. Drill and work every day. Practice is the father of learning. Develop a routine and be sure to implement it at least five times a week.  As you become better at each routine switch out drills for new ones to master.  Teach you body to do what you want it do to, the only way is practice, practice, practice.

3. When its time for baseball its time for baseball. When the season starts you should start your training, and when the season ends you should end your training.  You need to do this to let your body and mind rest and recover from the season.  Look to pick up another sport or hobby to keep yourself active. It is important to not lose everything that you have worked so hard for in season.  Work to at least maintain or build upon what you already have.

4. Develop your strength. A well developed strength program can do wonders for an athlete.  Strength and flexibility are essential to a healthy and long career. By developing your strength in turn you will also develop swing speed, control over your arm, and throwing ability. All of these are what every player wants. Be sure to find a program that is a right fit for you.  Remember quality over quantity.

5. “Iron sharpens iron, so as one man sharpens anther.” Be sure spend as much time with either older players or players that are better than yourself. By spending time with a better athelete you will be forced to lift your game in order to keep up.  You should also work to find good coach who can teach you the fundamentals and skills that you may not know already.  A coach can teach you to do it the right way the first time. A good coach or mentor will develop your passion for the sport by helping you set and achieve goals on the field.

6. “Speed Kills” -Develop your speed just as you would your strength.  Work on your speed and explosiveness. Together these can be a deadly combination.  Any good pitch knows that a base runner with speed is just one more thing they have to worry about. We have many drills that can lift your speed and quickness to the next level if done properly.

Use these “6 musts” everyday. Overtime you will see your game begin to lift to the next level.  However this is not easy, it takes constant deadication and hardwork.  Check back here for updates. You only get out what you put in.