Speed Zone


Speed Kills: Improve Performance Speed

In almost every sport at every level coach’s and scouts look for the athletes that have speed and explosiveness. People are always searching for that special way to lower that forty time or increase that vertical leap, but the key to all of this is leg strength and quickness. LiftedAthletics is going to give a rundown of great exercises and routines to improve your overall game speed.

Plyometrics for Speed

Plyometrics is another way to enhance your overall strength. Check out our athlete specific plyometrics routine that will help you with your explosiveness and overall game speed. Get faster here.

Strength for Speed

The more leg strength an athlete has the more force that can be applied into the ground to run faster. Each muscle in the leg must be worked out equally to allow for total efficiency in your sprinting. The Quads and Butt are for your explosiveness off the start and the Hamstrings for your top-end speed. These muscles can be targeted with isolated and full lower body exercises, Its vital to remember to cover all aspects of the lower body to maximize your speed and lower the risk of getting injured. Increase your lower body strength and game speed here.

Quickness for Speed

Being quick is different from being fast but important aspect of overall speed. An important aspect of quickness and speed is an athletes “turn over” which is the rate at which your feet are striking the ground while sprinting. In this section Lifted Athletics goes into drills that will improve turnover and quickness. Quickness can be worked on with cone drills and sort explosive movements. Drills and movements.